Kathy Torgerson



Meet Kathy!

Mobile Health & Wellness Strategist

This chick is always on the move. And we mean literally…Kathy is our mobile Certified Health & Wellness Strategist at Dot Calm! Sick of hearing “I know how you’re feeling,” when there’s no way that person actually does?! Well Kathy isn’t BS’ing you, and she never will. As someone who has personally dealt with food and weight issues, Kathy understands many of the struggles you may be facing. If you feel you have food sensitivity, or you are wondering what your optimal health plan should be using our DNA health test, Kathy is your girl. When Kathy is not zipping around helping clients, she’s zipping around the world looking for her next adventure! Want to break the ice when she rolls up to your house? Ask her to do her ‘Elaine’ dance (from Seinfeld) for you. Kathy is a spunky one and we love it; we have no doubt that you will too!

Kathy looks forward to answering any questions you may have!
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Servicing Downtown Calgary, including East Village, West End, China Town, Eau Claire, Altadore, Bridgeland, Mount Royal, Beltline, Hillhurst, Kensington, Inglewood, Erlton, Mission, inner-City Calgary, MacKenzie Towne, Copperfield, Cranston, Aspen, Marda Loop, Killarney, Bankview, Lakeview, Britannia, Elbow Park and surrounding areas.